Dental Implant Post-Operative Instructions

  1. Brushing: You may brush the area starting the following day after the procedure unless instructed otherwise by the doctor.  Continue to follow your regular oral hygiene routine in all other areas of your mouth.
  2. Mouthwash: Avoid any rinsing for the first 24 hours following the procedure, this may promote bleeding. You may use any mouthwash after 24 hours to keep the area clean.
  3. Discomfort: You may have some discomfort following implant placement. 50% of any discomfort should be gone by the 2nd and almost completely gone by the 3rd day following your procedure.  If you experience severe discomfort, please give our office a call.
  4. Medications: You will be prescribed an antibiotic to take for the next seven days following your procedure. It is not unusual to have some discomfort for a few days following your surgical procedure.  In many instances, 600-800mg of Ibuprofen, taken every 8 hours will be sufficient.
  5. Smoking: Tobacco smoke can interfere with the healing process. Refrain from all smoking for the next two weeks following your procedure.
  6. Swelling: Depending on the nature of the procedure, swelling may or may not occur. It is advisable to place an ice pack over the area, 20 minutes on and off, for the rest of the day. If after 24 hours swelling gets worse and you have a fever, please give our office a call.
  7. Bleeding:  Bleeding may occur following your procedure, usually mild like oozing. If you experience any bleeding, you can use a DAMPENED gauze pad to apply LIGHT pressure to the area. If you still experiencing bleeding, you can place a DAMP tea bag to the area and apply LIGHT pressure for about 30 minutes.
  8. Diet:  Should consist of nourishing foods of a soft and liquid consistency.  NO crunchy or STICKY foods such as nuts, popcorns, pretzels, chips, gum, caramel etc. Avoid foods that are exceptionally hot.