Implant Services in Annandale, VA

Prestige Dental Specialists is staffed with board-certified periodontists that use the most up to date implant techniques to achieve the best results. When sinus lift augmentation, bone grafting, or site development is needed, you can trust our Annandale periodontists’ accrued knowledge and expertise to give you a dental implant experience that is successful, comfortable, and long lasting.

Sinus Lift Augmentation

If you have lost your upper back teeth, your sinuses may have enlarged in size. Before we replace the lost teeth with new implants, a sinus lift augmentation or graft may be needed to relocate the sinus cavity into its original position and replace the bone that has been lost as a result of the enlarged sinus.

Sinus lift augmentation can be completed using a few techniques. Prior to any surgery, our doctors appropriately measure your bone and the necessary lift that is needed by using a three dimensional radiograph. Once appropriate diagnosis has been made, they review the appropriate technique that needs to be completed in order to get appropriate amount of a lift.

Autogenous Bone Grafting

Occasionally, ideal areas where dental implants are to be placed do not have sufficient bone quantity to predictably place the implants. For some patients, we are able to use their own bone in order to augment an area that needs grafting. Typically, our doctors will take a small piece of bone from your tuberosity and place it another part of your mouth. This procedure is used to prepare an area for a future implant.

Implant Site Development

Implant site development techniques are used to develop the bone before or at time of placement of a dental implant. Depending on the size of the defect, autogenous bone or medical-grade bone is used. Many different types of membranes are used to help to hold and mature the bone in the site. Also, PRF (platelet-rich fibrin) procedures may be incorporated for faster and better healing.