Gum Disease in Annandale, VA


Over time, our teeth and gums can be diseased by bacteria in our mouths. Gum disease can start by slight inflammation that is evident by redness and possible bleeding when brushing or flossing. With time, this initial disease can turn into more advanced form with loss of underlying bone. This results in mobility (looseness) of your teeth and eventual loss of teeth.

What causes gum disease?

Gum disease can be environmental and genetic. Inadequate brushing and flossing will leave plaque and calculus on your teeth and under your gums that will lead to gum disease. Some patients have certain bacteria in their saliva that genetically predisposes them to this disease.

There are also medical and environmental factors that increase risk of developing periodontal disease. These include, but not limited to smoking, diabetes, poor oral hygiene, poor bite/alignment of the teeth, poor restorations, and endodontic disease.

Gum Disease Treatment at Prestige Dental Specialists

Our doctors specialize in treating gum disease. They incorporate all techniques and technology available to achieve the best success of arresting and reversing your periodontal disease. All treatment avenues are reviewed with you and proper recommendation is made for your specific case.

Our Annandale periodontal office incorporates various methods and protocols to arrest and reverse the lost bone structure around your teeth. Procedures such as scaling and root planing remove the calculus and plaque from your teeth and under your gums. For regeneration of the lost bone and to prevent future tooth loss, laser periodontal therapy can be used. Many patients may also benefit from bone grafting methods that allow us to add bone around teeth with specific type of bone loss.

You can control gum disease with the help of our doctors. This is a collective effort that involves patient compliance, periodontal treatment, controlling medical conditions such as diabetes, and environmental factors such as smoking.