Post-Op Instructions after Botox Treatment

Please review and adhere to the following post-treatment guidelines in preparation for your botulinum toxin appointment. The following restrictions are in place to minimize the risk of any potential complications.

  • Do not raise your body temperature for 4 hours following treatment (no exercise, hot tubs, saunas, being out in the sun, etc.). It takes about 2-4 hours for the neurotoxin to bind to the nerve in order to start working and an increase in internal body temperature or sweating can make the neurotoxin treatment ineffective.
  • Avoid touching or manipulating the treated areas for 4 hours. In addition, do not lie down within this timeframe. We want the neurotoxin to stay in the muscles that it was specifically placed to avoid poor outcomes like a dropped eyebrow or eyelid. This also includes no facials, chemical peels, or massages after treatment.
  • Avoid wearing hats, visors, headbands or anything on the head that has the potential to move the neurotoxin.
  • It will take about 24 hours for all of the injection sites to heal. To avoid infection, avoid wearing makeup on the day of the treatment. The face can be washed like normal at night (at least 4 hours post-treatment).
  • Neurotoxin treatments typically start to take effect around 2-10 days, but everyone is different. Please give the neurotoxin a full 2 weeks to take effect before deciding if you need more. Don’t love it or hate it for 2 weeks!
  • Be sure to schedule a 2-week follow-up appointment so your injector can assess your results and perform any enhancements if needed. It is not recommended to inject beyond 2 weeks post-treatment, so please ensure that you keep this appointment.
  • Neurotoxin appointments should be scheduled every 3-4 months to maintain the best results.