Teeth Xpress®

Immediate results that leave a lasting impression

The TeethXpress dental implant procedure makes it possible for an individual to receive a complete set of beautiful, new teeth on the upper and/or lower jaw. The new teeth are secured in place to dental implants so the teeth never move or shift when smiling, talking or eating.

This popular procedure is performed routinely and most often can be done in as little as one day. Most people find TeethXpress procedures easy to tolerate, usually managing any post-operative discomfort with over-the-counter pain relievers such as ibuprofen.

Individuals who choose the TeethXpress procedure are usually missing some or all of their teeth and desire a fast solution to improve their smiles and the capability to enjoy a large variety of food choices without any sacrifice to their chewing ability.

A Certified TeethXpress Provider is qualified to perform this dental implant procedure. Locate your nearest Certified TeethXpress Provider and schedule a consultation today to begin the exciting process of restoring your smile with TeethXpress dental implants.

  • The procedure is well-tolerated and of a short duration
  • May eliminate the need for invasive bone grafting
  • May receive fixed teeth in a single visit
  • Highly hygienic, easy to maintain and clean
  • Features natural-looking teeth that feel and function like your own