Versah Drill

The Versah® Drill is an innovative new system used by Prestige Dental Specialists that guides surgery for dental implants. The Versah Drill allows for better irrigation, increased visuals of the surgery site, and the ability to manage more than one implant site with different tools that measure preparation depths and diameters, all with precise accuracy. The Versah Drill is able to condense and expand the bone during dental implant placement surgery rather than the traditional method of cutting away good bone. Because of this, it enhances long-term implant stability.

Benefits of the Versah Drill:

  • Less trauma to the bone
  • Less chance of a sinus perforation during sinus lifting surgery
  • Allows more primary stability during immediate implant placement surgery
  • Helps expand the thin bone to the proper size for implant installment

Prestige Dental Specialists in Annandale is proud to utilize the Versah Drill—the only product on the market that offers all these benefits.

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